We do not charge any fees for most of our teachings and/or publications since our Lord Jesus Christ has instructed us that money should never be a hindrance for His divine revelation to go out to His Bride. However, we do request our friends (who access and utilise our publications) to show their honour and appreciation for this ministry (and the effort that has been put into the drafting of the publications) by donating to us on a regular basis (see our home page).

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Testimony of Ninieve du Plessis
24 April 2015

Read Ninieve's awesome testimony of how our Lord Jesus Christ made her whole life new, including her children and husband! She however first had to be obedient, another example of the spiritual rule that blessing always follows obedience.

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Testimony of Marli Connoway
1 April 2015

Read Marli's testimony of the love of Jesus and how He made her free.

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Testimony of Annami Bruwer
19 January 2015

Read Annami's amazing testimony of the "trains" of Demonic Soul Copies (DSC's) that were in her and how she experienced it when they manifested and how Jesus delivered her by ripping them out.

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Anne-Marie Prinsloo
9 December 2014

Read Anne-Marie's amazing testimony (under Publications - Testimonies) about the Demonic Soul Copies that were in her but were ripped out by Jesus Christ our wonderful Saviour. The particular DSC manifestation when Jesus ripped them out can also be viewed on our most recent DVD on Demonic Soul Copies Level 2.

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