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Only on a correspondence basis - enquire at


Warriors for Jesus Christ may register for any of our Practical Warrior School days when they have completed our Warrior School on a correspondence basis and have worked through all of our other teachings and have prayed all the relevant renunciation prayers.  Only then would the spiritual ground be well prepared. 

8 practical worskhops this year for those who have already done the Warrior School.  Booking is absolutely essential.  Contact us at for the dates.


Only when the believer in Jesus Christ has completed the Warrior School and have worked through all of our other teachings and have prayed all the renunciation prayers.  In addition thereto, the believer should also have attended one or more of our Practical Warrior School days so that we may come to know the individual warrior as well as his/her level of commitment.  Only then will the spiritual ground be well-prepared and may we expect and look forward to wonderful break-throughs spiritually.


Warriors for Jesus Christ who have successfully completed the Warrior School and are at least 8 to 10 in a group may invite us to their home town to come and teach them the practical deliverance part of the course.  We only require our travelling and accommodation costs to be met by those that invite us to visit them.


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Latest Publications

We do not charge any fees for most of our teachings and / or publications
Demonically programmed DID on human spirit level
28 March 2020

Dear Bride of Jesus Christ - the enemy works with DID on human spirit and soul level to come against believers in this end-time that we live in. We should, as God's people, no longer lack knowledge (Hosea 4:6) but be educated by the Holy Spirit about the enemy's end-time strategies. We should also, most importantly, allow Jesus to wash us with His blood so that we will be a spotless Bride when He returns.
Deliverance on human spirit level
19 March 2020

This teaching is about the STRONG MAN DEMONS that are situated ON HUMAN SPIRIT LEVEL (NB: Not in the reborn human spirit where Jesus lives but at human spirit level) and how to address them - a model prayer is included. We however strongly advise that believers should always follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Bride of Jesus Christ arise! - Do not wait, our Bridegroom is coming and we should prepare! Start to tackle the strong men on human spirit level and trust in Jesus to come and remove them so that we may obtain more permanent and lasting freedom in Him!
Warning: Keto diet (and renunciation prayer)
23 January 2020

Bride of Jesus Christ beware the deception of the Keto diet, often combined with intermittent fasting. The enemy wants to prepare humans for the coming of the antichrist by this diet and other strategies. The Keto diet changes your body's metabolism and brain and neurological chemistry, thereby creating fertile spiritual and physical ground for the awakening, controlling and sustaining of the Kundalini (counterfeit holy spirit) in you.
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